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Dee Van Houten artist bio


Dee Van Houten
Artist Bio




Artist Statement

Making art at DevaArt Studio is a spiritual journey for me and has always been a consuming creative passion in my life. It is similar to a form of meditation, filled with serenity and peace blended with awe-inspiring colors that delight my vision which make me want to paint a work of art that people will relate to emotionally.

I am a very independent artist (trained in fine art, graphic design, web design, illustration), a "terpsichorean" and most passionate about my art, which is a very deep part of my spirit that weaves itself throughout all aspects of my life.

My love of animals and the quiet, spiritual side of nature are reasons why I feel compelled to paint or illustrate these beautiful subjects. Motifs that recur often in my art work are those of colorful tropical birds, tropical fish, exotic wildlife, and puffin sea birds.

I enjoy capturing the whimsical nature and free spirit of my animal subjects and in no way intend to paint every feather or piece of fur. Instead, I create my own personal interpretation of what I see and feel through imagination, color, expression and placement of the subject throughout my art work.


Exotic birds, tropical fish and the elegant female form are subjects that find their way into my imagination and finally into my art work. I capture my subjects with graceful fluid lines, unifying decoration and aesthetics.

My artistic expression blends curvilinear stylization with traditional realism, as seen in the delicately detailed, ethereal Art Nouveau paintings. (stylized designs are simple depictions of reality, presenting an identifiable image such as a flower, but in a sort of visual shorthand that gives important cues, although not enough to be seen as a realistic individualized work of art).

My art work is characterized by visually appealing themes that create a sense of fascination and intrigue. The design process is established by my particular use of interesting shapes, spatial relationships, color placement and unusual perspectives. In a lot of my art, I paint parts of my subjects floating outside of the picture plane, which I feel gives the painting more movement and flow.

Art Technique

Techniques developed over the years have led me to become versatile in my use of mediums. Though I paint primarily in gouache (opaque watercolor) and transparent glass paint (the painting below this paragraph uses both alcohol ink and transparent glass paint) to simulate the look of stained glass, which is quite labor-intensive, other mediums I use include acrylic, watercolor, colored pencil and graphite.


angel, alcohol ink art, DevaArt Studio
© 2018 Dee Van Houten

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Art Bio

Born in Washington D.C. and raised in the Northern Virginia area, artist Dee Van Houten has had individual exhibitions and works accepted in many juried art competitions, winning numerous awards and honors for her paintings and drawings.

She was included in American Artist of Renown, an honor accorded contemporary American artists for the exceptional quality and professionalism of their work. Her art is represented in public and private collections in the United States and Canada.

Experience Summary:

Traditional Illustrator, Painter
Alcohol Ink Artist
Jewelry Designer
Greeting Card Illustrator/Designer
Stained Glass Painter
Web/Blog Designer
Web/Blog Content Writer

Art Education:

Bachelor of Arts; Major: Fine Art
Dual Certification in Web and Digital Design; Specializations: Web Design, Digital Imaging
A.A.S., Magna Cum Laude: Visual Communication; Specializations: Graphic Design, Illustration, Digital Art

Other Relevant Art Experience:

Business owner, creative director of retail fine art studio/gallery
Planned, organized and managed a custom frame design service
Developed, entered and installed numerous fine art exhibitions
Art retail management, inventory control, sales, client job tracking
Surface design artist for decorative home furnishings industry
Designed the 2006 Mardi Gras poster, themed,
Noah's Ark

Surface Design Work:

Developed concepts from client specifications
Prepared layouts, rough comps, color samples
Created intricate full color illustrations (by hand) for tablecloths, placemats, greeting cards, wallpaper, fabric, gift wrap, gift bags, all home decor products
Worked in corporate environment as a graphic designer for five years

Awards and Honors

© ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


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