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To touch art is to touch the mind; to touch the mind is to touch a life.

~ J. David Arnold ~



Dee Van Houten
Original Alcohol Ink Art

DevaArt Studio is where I create original fine art paintings in the very fluid alcohol ink medium that can also be mixed with other types of media, which I sometimes do. Alcohol inks come in a wide range of beautiful, vibrant, brightly colored inks. Its a wonderful medium to work with and can produce many different and surprising outcomes. Alcohol inks hooked me from the first time I used this magical medium!

Alcohol ink moves in a very fluid manner and I can create some very ethereal looking images, sometimes more impressionistic or abstract. Even though I never really know how my painting will look after I'm finished because of the spontaneity of the medium, I still manage to control the ink to a degree if I'm trying to create a certain look. Working with alcohol ink definitely loosens me up and I am able to let the ink do its own thing, which is always a kick to watch.

Alcohol inks are an acid-free, highly-pigmented, permanent and fast drying medium to be used on non-porous surfaces. You can pour them directly from the bottles or they also come in pens, which I love to use. My painting substrate is very smooth and the alcohol ink colors, which are quite vivid, float on top since there is no absorbtion to this type of substrate.

The painting sizes I work in are 5x7, 9x12, 11x14 and 20x26 (inches). You can always make the painting larger by adding matting and framing which you should do to keep it protected. I also spray the finished piece with a clear gloss protective spray that will not disturb the ink. I then use a coating of acrylic UV polymer varnish for a final layer of protection. - Believe - alcohol ink painting
size: 5x7
medium :: alcohol inks

© 2018 Dee Van Houten


If you look closely at the painting below, there are a lot of deliciously subtle things going on in the background (dragonflies, butterflies, delicate flowers). In this lyrical impressionistic painting there are mainly various shades of greens and yellows with touches of orange, purples and aqua (colors may vary according to your computer monitor).

Matting and framing are not included on these original alcohol ink paintings. A painting will be shipped flat between protective paper and cardboard during shipping (shipping charge will apply).



alcohol ink painting by dee van houten at

My Secret Garden

size: 9x12
medium :: alcohol inks

© 2018 Dee Van Houten


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Animal art and Art Nouveau giclee prints can be purchased from my online gallery at Fine Art America where they take care of the entire secure tranactions.

My art works are reproduced on museum quality art papers (9 paper types available) or canvas and are available in various sizes. Also offered; custom matting and framing that you can pick out for your print right on the website. The giclee prints are professionally reproduced with exquisite colors.

You may also view my awards and honors page and check out the testimonials page to see why people have been buying and enjoying my art for over 20 years.


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